What You Need to Do Before You Start Outdoor Sports

What You Need to Do Before You Start Outdoor Sports Little Donkey Andy

Outdoor sports are different from other forms of sports in that they are dangerous and unpredictable, so it is important to prepare before you go, both physically and mentally.

The first thing to do is to find out what the purpose of your outdoor sports is. Without a clear motivation, human behavior will lose its power source.

Destination and Outdoor Sports Program Selection

1. Determine the Destination

For the place we will go, we should get and know as much information as possible about the destination's traffic, accommodation, folklore, history, culture and architecture. Study the habits and characteristics of local people, learn more about local customs and various taboos, prepare a detailed map and read it carefully, and get more relevant information, such as the direction and speed of rivers, the drop and speed of water and whether there are dangerous beaches; the height and slope of mountains; the distribution of vegetation types and characteristics; climate conditions, temperature difference between concave and night and the characteristics of changes, when the sun rises, when the sun sets, the moon The more you know about these conditions, the more you know about the weather, the difference in temperature between night and day, when the sun rises, when the sun sets, the moon, when the tide rises and falls, and the wind direction. The more you know about these conditions, the stronger your skills will be when you are outdoors, taking fire, picnicking, camping and getting water.

2. Mode of travel

How far is the distance from your place of residence to your destination, whether to go with a group or alone, what kind of transportation or how to go to your destination.

3. Activity content

What kind of outdoor sports will be carried out when you arrive at the destination and what kind of sports are suitable for you.

4.Act according to your ability

You should act according to your own discretionary income and time, as well as your own physical fitness and adaptability.

Reasonable Plan

After having these basic conditions, we should make a reasonable action plan for our outdoor trip. In general, our whole action can be divided into the pre-action preparation stage, the action start stage and the recovery stage after the action. For each stage. There should be a clear task and goal, and a detailed schedule of the process, for this phase may appear in a variety of situations should be a comprehensive forethought and well-prepared. For each stage of each action, we should also have a detailed and thorough plan before departure, and strictly follow the plan for implementation. In other words, we should have an overall plan for the whole outdoor trip, and we should have a detailed plan for every small action, so that we can take every step solidly and firmly grasp the initiative of outdoor sports.

Establish a Sense of Safety and Prevention

There are many unpredictable factors in outdoor sports, risks are always present and dangers can happen at any time, so we should not take it lightly. The first thing we should do is to establish a sense of safety.

1. Awareness of safety precautions

In the process of outdoor sports, safety is the most important. To establish a sense of safety, safety can be guaranteed. Accidental injuries in outdoor sports happen from time to time, before the trip must be prepared to allow the basic equipment, planning a good travel route, learn first aid, knowledge of wilderness survival will reduce the occurrence of accidents.

2. Maintain a good state of mind

Outdoor sports have a certain degree of danger, participants may sometimes inadvertently asked into a dangerous situation. However, in the face of danger and difficulties, you not only need to have various survival skills, but also need to have a strong will. The treacherous environment and great difficulties are not the first factor to defeat yourself, but often it is the gradually weakening will that defeats you. Therefore, learn to control their emotions, regulate their own psychology, no matter what the situation is to maintain a good state of mind, is an important prerequisite to overcome difficulties, out of adversity.

3. Correct understanding of various difficulties

When facing difficulties, it is often easy to distort the view of various objective phenomena because of physical and psychological changes, and produce various misconceptions, which may mislead one's behavior if not corrected in time. To avoid this situation, we must first be able to wake up to the various misconceptions that still exist in our minds, and then take active and effective measures to self-correct.

4. Risks can be solved

The risk of outdoor sports is not terrible, the key is to have the mental preparation and safety measures to cope with the risk. Strong logistical support, practical and sophisticated equipment, abundant energy and physical fitness, and skilled outdoor skills are all important conditions for resolving outdoor sports risks.


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