How Do I Warm Up Before I Start Hiking?

How Do I Warm Up Before I Start Hiking? Little Donkey Andy

Warm-up before hiking is very important to help loosen the tense muscles and soften the joints and other effects that can reduce sports injuries, such as moving the limbs, gently pressing the leg muscles and ligaments, doing some squatting exercises, etc., so that their bodies into the state of movement.

1、The basic action to do is to alternate between the left and right foot to swing back and forth 10 times.

2、Swinging feet (front and back) serves as the foundation before hiking, stretching the muscles of the waist and the muscles of the buttocks.

The foot swing (side to side) exercises the muscles of the adductors and the glutes, which has a good effect on increasing the hip circumference.

3、Calves and Achilles tendon lean the body weight slightly forward, stretch the Achilles tendon and then slowly lower the center of gravity.

4、Thighs (front side) alternate between left and right foot pulling back to the hip to stretch the other thigh.

5、Thighs (back side) in the state of the two legs close together, the back leg slightly bent, the front foot toes up, the body slightly forward and downward pressure.

6、Body side activities scapulae, to both sides of the body for left and right swaying movements.

7、Chest muscles, spine rod straight in front, hands placed on the handle, bend over, in the state of keeping the waist and back straight, downward light pressure to stretch the back.

8、Upper arm (back side) place the staff behind the back and rotate it, pulling it up and down slightly.

9、Turn your shoulders and rotate your shoulder joints dramatically to eliminate shoulder pain and neck ache.


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