Illustration of the Standard Grip of Hiking Poles

Illustration of the Standard Grip of Hiking Poles Little Donkey Andy

The way you hold the cane can be a decisive factor in how to make the most of the convenience of the I-shaped cane and not to get hurt!

1. Put your hand through the bottom of the wrist strap:

2. After passing through the wrist strap, let the strap go around the back of the hand and hold the rest of the strap in the palm. (The wristband should be taut)

3. So a grip, even if the palm does not force, but also can easily use the cane to support the body.

Also often see a lot of donkeys and non-donkeys are hand-held climbing war, but sometimes people take two on two, but a closer look, will find that 80% of people, the grip on the climbing war have some problems, so today I came to popularize this knowledge, I hope it will be useful to you.

Standard T hiking poles grip

Standard T-shaped hiking poles uphill grip


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