Things to Keep in Mind for Long Hikes

Things to Keep in Mind for Long Hikes Little Donkey Andy

Long-term hiking has higher requirements in terms of equipment, physical fitness, and psychological endurance compared to short- and medium-term hiking, and we have listed some things you should pay attention to.

First, equipment. Long-distance activities have relatively high requirements for equipment, while not too heavy. Therefore, strong and durable and lightweight equipment is the best choice.

Second, understand the difficulty and danger of the route. The terrain is complex during a long hike, and the supplies needed to resupply are relatively large, while the resources along the route are limited, so the route should be carefully planned, and recklessness often gets you into trouble. It is very useful to read a little more about the familiarity or strategy.

Third, consider more about the purpose of your long hike. For long hikes, everyone has different purposes, some are to depart, some are to arrive, while others are to enjoy the journey. According to your own preferences, physical condition and the difficulty of the line and other comprehensive factors, reasonably determine the right goal for you, in order to maximize the enjoyment of the hike.

Fourth, consider your traveling companion. Each person may not have the same purpose of departure, the same donkey friends, various preferences may not be the same, so it is not uncommon for friendships to break up on the trip. Therefore, if you are not ready to accommodate each other, traveling alone is a simple way to save time; but if it is a more dangerous hike, it is best to have a few companions together, because it may be difficult to meet people halfway.

Fifth, there are always unsatisfactory conditions during the journey, so be prepared for them. Generally speaking, 30% of the journey will make you feel bored, 50% of the journey you will feel very cool, and the remaining 20% you will completely love trekking. Experience things that will amaze you as a way to make up for the tedium of your entire trip.

Be prepared for physical and mental challenges. It's great to go through some challenging training before a long hike. Dirt, cold, heat and fatigue tolerance are all very necessary for long hikes.


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