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About Founder Mr. Tsai

Little Donkey Andy's founder Mr. Tsai is a hiker, camper, Climber, adventurer.  Mr. Tsai started his first hiking trip in 1985. Since then our founder has fallen in love with outdoor activities. During the journey, he felt life being healed. Since then, he has fallen in love with the outdoors. After he came back, he created the outdoor brand Little Donkey Andy. He wants to bring users a safer and more comfortable outdoor sports experience through the continuous pursuit of innovative technology.


Started in 1990, founder Mr. Tsai made the first hiking shirt and shorts. The story begins here. The founder, Mr. Tsai, then established a factory in 1993, specializing in designing, testing and sewing outdoor clothing. Based on his own years of hands-on experience in the outdoors, coupled with his expertise in textiles and fabrics, the Little Donkey Andy brand was established with extremely high quality at the outset. Because he is an outdoor enthusiast himself, Little Donkey Andy can better know the needs of users.

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The founder believes that donkeys represent "bearing hardships and enduring hard work". And in 1999, an outdoor brand (Little Donkey Andy) was established. It takes equal hard work and endurance to create amazing outdoor clothing to conquer the wild outdoors.

In 2000 our vision, values and culture were established.


100,000+ Feedbacks Per Year from Amazon Brand Flagship Store

We have a flagship store on Amazon. After several years in business, Little Donkey Andy has been a top seller in several outdoor clothing categories. We are able to get hundreds of thousands of feedbacks from Amazon every year. These voices urge us to continue to innovate and improve our products. If you want to get high quality outdoor clothes at amazing prices. Little Donkey Andy is definitely the best choice for you.


We believe that more advanced technology will not only lead to a more comfortable wearing experience, but will also be kinder to our environment.



Quick-drying Tech: Accelerates moisture and heat diffusion,keep you cool and comfort.


Sun protection Tech: Block both UVA and UVB rays,protect skin from harmful UV rays.


4-way stretch Tech: Stretched in crosswise and lengthwise directions, resilience and flexibility to a garment.


Waterproof Tech: Waterproof shells repel wind and light rain while providing excellent breathability.


Recycled Insulation: Recycled polyester is made from recycled plastic bottles.Eco friendly and energy-saving


Air-hole Tech: Air-hole new fabric allows moisture vapor to escape quickly to keep you dry in summer outdoors.


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Building a trustworthy brand is like an outdoor adventure. We intend to be by your side every step of the way, as each other's witnesses.