Preparation Before Participating in Hiking Activities

Preparation Before Participating in Hiking Activities Little Donkey Andy

Hiking, because of its health and environmental protection, is increasingly becoming the choice of young hiker travel style, and more "zero-based" hiker are also eager to move, so please ask if you are ready?

Outdoor, in a broad sense, is to get out of the house, the community or the yard around, also called outdoor. But what we usually call the outdoors refers to the narrow sense of the outdoors, friends who are new to the outdoors, often confuse the broad sense of the outdoors with the narrow sense of the outdoors, so what are the characteristics of the narrow sense of the outdoors?

  1. generally in uninhabited areas or sparsely populated places
  2. generally are wild mountains and wild roads, no or very few artificial facilities
  3. according to the difficulty and intensity of different, need the appropriate experience, equipment and physical strength

Mental Preparation

Some friends think the outdoors is a fashion, want to come to a lively, outdoor as a visit to the park, some friends think the outdoors is an adventure, dare others do not dare, for others not for, these ideas are not appropriate, the outdoors is a positive challenge to integrate themselves into the natural way, can let us temporarily forget the hustle and bustle of the city and the worries of life, their bodies and souls into the nature, back to the We can forget the hustle and bustle of the city and the worries of life for a while, integrate our body and soul into nature, return to a small part of nature to overcome ourselves, and return to our daily work and life with a more positive mindset and full of energy after the outdoors.

The Three Most Basic Psychological Preparation for the Outdoors

1. The outdoors is risky

Fear of nature is the first word outdoor people should remember outdoor is not entertainment, to do their homework in advance, their physical condition, the situation of the destination, the degree of their own equipment should have a clear understanding of respect for nature, fear of nature, in front of nature, we are always extremely small. Some friends want to move on their own just to follow a name, only concerned about how fun, and do not ask where to go, what intensity, how many kilometers, what to prepare, ask a collection time and place, a child park equipment to go, this is extremely irresponsible to themselves.

2. Outdoors is Not an Adventure

Learning to give up is one of the signs of maturity of outdoor people outdoor has the nature of adventure in it, but the outdoors is never an adventure, challenging oneself means having a clear understanding of one's own physical ability, perseverance, and state, and on this basis gradually improve, not to play with life. The mountain is there, not today can go up again tomorrow, not at night can go up again during the day, not in winter can go up again in summer, the mountain can not run! If you still want to climb a few more days of the mountain, a few more days of the road, then remember: the strength of the line, know the difficulties and never be ashamed! Do not be competitive, brave and adventurous, bent on the line, and do not hide their physical condition and physiological signals for the sake of face, thus putting themselves artificially in a dangerous situation!

3. Outdoor Always Rely on Themselves

The leader is not a guide, teammates are not babysitters, and you do not have a bodyguard. Choose a friendly and united team, choose a responsible leader is certainly important, you can learn a lot of outdoor knowledge and outdoor experience, can take many detours, can reduce the risk of outdoor, when there is an unexpected situation, you can minimize the loss of life and property, but to emphasize that in critical moments, you can rely on only yourself, although the leader and teammates and even strangers, will do their best Although team leaders and teammates, and even strangers, will do their best to provide help, but we must be prepared psychologically, do not put their own safety on others, no matter how close this person is to you, no matter how tall and strong this person is, they should do their own homework, they should carry their own things must be carried, they should bear the responsibility must be borne by themselves.

Outdoor Three Principles

1. Obey the Leader Arrangements

(1) The leader has the right to select the team members according to their physical ability, experience and equipment.

(2) The leader has the right to change the planned route according to weather conditions, outdoor road conditions, the state of the players.

(3) Do not leave the sight of the leader, and do not leave the team without permission.

2. Expenses and Responsibilities AA

(1) The cost of AA is well understood, the costs incurred are shared equally

(2) responsibility AA, the leader is not a guide, not a nanny, not a bodyguard, at best a guide, the leader and other team members, not responsible for any other team members other than themselves, so, whether it is physical strength or responsibility, including the leader of each team member, are independent, are obliged to be responsible for themselves.

3. Protecting Nature

It is everyone's duty to protect the environment, not to mention that many times outdoors are wild mountains, wild roads, no trash cans, no one to clean up, in order to the beautiful natural scenery as little as possible by us intruders to destroy, please do environmental protection, starting from me. Don't take anything away except your memories, and don't leave anything behind except your footprints.

1) Bring Your Own Garbage Bag

Everyone who travels should prepare garbage bags and take away all the non-degradable garbage they produce, and make sure that the garbage is not left on the road.

2) Pay Attention to Fire Safety

It is recommended to start less open fires outdoors, but in case of conditions or emergencies, you can use open fires, but you must do a good job of fire prevention. The location of the fire should be far away from combustible materials, the whole process must be supervised, personnel can use water or bury the fire before leaving, and must ensure that all fires are completely extinguished before leaving. Especially remind friends with smoking addiction, outdoor smoking is not favored, if you must smoke, remember not to walk while smoking, smoking must be extinguished after the butt, the cigarette must be taken away. Fire is merciless, do not leave anything to chance!

Basic requirements to be met by outdoor hikers

1. Healthy Body and Good Physical Reserves Are the Prerequisite for Hiking

Depending on the area to be traversed, hiking can be divided into various types such as suburban, rural, jungle, mountain and river. Because of the basic walking all the way and the possibility of crossing complex terrain, people who lack basic physical conditions are not suitable for trekking. No one can get to the top in one step, and first-time hikers can usually afford to walk short distances over flat terrain. Remember to take it step by step and do not participate in activities that are beyond your physical capabilities.

2. People Who Do Not Have a Team Spirit and Prefer to Work Alone Are Not Suitable for Outdoor Hiking

Short-distance hiking can certainly be done alone, but in long-distance hiking that requires crossing complex terrain and landscapes, teamwork is crucial. A clear division of labor and concerted effort are essential to the success of a challenging hike.

3. Hiking Need to Have Some Knowledge of Wilderness Survival

When you travel, accidents are inevitable. It is important to be able to anticipate and deal with unexpected situations in nature, such as heavy rain, lightning and flash floods, and to be able to properly deal with sprains, blisters on the feet, heatstroke, dehydration, bleeding and other problems that can easily occur in the wilderness.


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