Create and activate your new account (Activate your account via the rewards plugin in the bottom right corner) from now on: 200 points

Place an order: 10 Point for every $1 spent

You can create an account and start to earn points.


Order discount: 200 Points = $1

To turn points into a reward, you need to log into the rewards panel on the site (either by logging into your account). Once you're logged in, you'll need to open the rewards panel.

Next, click on Ways to redeem.

If you do have enough points for one of the fixed amount rewards, there will be a Redeem button. Upon clicking redeem, you will be taken to a page that shows the coupon code with a button to Apply code which will automatically apply that coupon code to the checkout.

You also get an email with the coupon code for your records. The code will also be stored in your rewards panel under the Your Rewards section at the bottom.

Please contact us through littledonkeyandy@163.com if you have any questions, we will more than happy to offer a help.