Celebrate summer in comfort & style with our Quick-dry gear

Hollow or lubricious fabrication accelerates moisture and heat diffusion. Keep you cool is essential to your comfort as you exercise and play outdoors

The drying time of clothes has an impact on heat loss, comfort, and clothing weight.

Heat Loss

During the high-intensity phases, perspiration increases and your clothes become soaked with sweat. Wet garments drastically increase conductive heat loss. As a result, the body temperature decreases which can be hazardous in very cold conditions.


If your next-to-the-skin garments are wet, the friction between them and the skin increases and causes discomfort; especially in the thighs, armpits and shoulders (if you are carrying a backpack) area. 

Clothing’s Weight

If all this sweat gets absorbed by clothing that is not quick-drying, the clothing eventually becomes very heavy. Heavy garments are not just uncomfortable – they also impair your performance